I am who I am


Alvise was born in Italy in 1965 and moved to Canada in 1999.

As a child he was introduced to the art of woodwork from his father.
For more than fifteen years he designed and created toys, boxes, furniture and sculptures for family and friends as a hobby.

The growing love for this art and the success of his work changed his life. After being for many years a professional graphic designer - he decided to give up the creation of visual interfaces for computer users in favor of a very old and traditional media: The Wood.


He hadn't had a formal "artistic" education.

Curiosity, observation and various interests are his teachers. Nature is his classroom. Before moving to Canada he was for many years director of the visual communication and multimedia department of a software house and there too, he had the opportunity of experiencing a different perspective of visual art.

His technical background helps him to understand and decode what he sees and feels.

Bidimensionality is sometimes a limitation but tridimensionality can become so real to fill the space around us. Alvise loves experiencing his subjects to capture their real nature from different angles. Touching and feeling are part of his observation.

Traveling is one of his passion. The connection with different cultures fosters a personal growth that is reflected in his work.


Mailing address:

PO Box 154, Bragg Creek, AB, T0L 0K0, Canada

phone (403) 988 0123


How to Purchase

You can contact me directly
and you're always welcome to visit my studio and see my work in progress.